We have known Brian or Baz as he is better known, for about ten years during his time as an employee of Gordon Spooner Engineering.

We have worked together on some very successful motor sport and road car programs, mainly Ford based, where we supplied the engines and Baz and his team did the chassis work and ran the cars. Programs such as the Escort Cosworth, Escort RS2000 F2, Escort Maxi 'Kit' and Focus T190/T230 were the major ones. During that time we always found Baz 'on the case' getting things done to a high standard within some very tight timing and budget constraints. Even when things got difficult Baz always remained focussed and in control but usually able to lighten the situation with a joke or two.

With his vast knowledge of rallying and technical abilities we would imagine that Baz would be a useful asset to any team or manufacturer in this field. We have no hesitation whatsoever in making this recommendation.

David Mountain
Managing Director
Mountune Racing Limited

I have worked with Mr Cannon for over 10 years in a variety of Rally Teams. He has always carried out his tasks with drive and commitment.

I believe him to be an honest and dedicated individual and can recommend him for any future employment.

Steve Bond

I have known Brian ( Baz) Cannon for more than 10 years, from the time when he was working for Dimi Mavropolous running his rally team in Cyprus, to his joining of Gordon Spooner Engineering, and during more recent years while he has been fully responsible for managing the GSE Rally team business.
Brian always excelled as a rally mechanic, and as he gained experience and knowledge developed into a very competent and well respected automobile engineer with detailed knowledge of all vehicle systems, and specialising in competition , race and rally developments.
He played a key part in the initial development of the Escort Cosworth as a rally car and was part of the small team which gave the car its early International victories.
Subsequent to that he has managed the rally programs of numerous Ford customers all over Europe, and has been responsible for the creation and development of the FWD Escort 2000 'Formula 2' rally car, which was a project initiated entirely by GSE.
Brian now has experience and capability to offer, including his business knowledge, which would be invaluable to any race or rally team.

I can recommend Brian as a person of good character and exceptional engineering ability.

John Wheeler
Vehicle Engineering Manager, Ford Motor Company
Previously, Chief Engineer, Motorsports, Ford Motor Company

I have had the privilege of working with Mr Cannon for a number of years now and would have no hesitation in recommending him for employment.

Baz has a ‘can do, will do’ attitude and will be an asset to any company who should employ him.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Malcolm Wilson
Managing Director