About Us at Rally World

RPM is owned and run by baz cannon, former chief engineer at GSE MOTORSPORT. With over 25 years experience in rallying, Baz has been responsible for the design and building of many successful championship winning cars across Europe and the world. Rally car being prepared

In the early days he won two championship titles in Cyprus with Audi in the infamous fire breathing quattros. Following this he moved to Fords and GSE where the majority of his success came, winning championships in Ireland, Holland, Finland and Portugal. One of his main achievements was to go to Belgium and win the national championship and the international championship in consecutive years. No team outside of Belgium had ever achieved this.

With the introduction of F2 Baz was responsible for the design and development of the RS 2000. In a British championship with no fewer than 7 manufactures taking part Baz Cannon and Gwyndaf Evans won the British championship in their first full season. In the same year also winning F2 on the RAC rally and finishing 7th overall.

The introduction of the escort maxi kit car, again designed and engineered by baz, which won rallys at home and abroad and earned the respect of many top drivers across Europe. The maxi kit car was then introduced into the racing fraternity where it made its debut in the Czech Republic racing against the likes of Peugeot, VW, Skoda and Renault.

With a car designed for rallying actually winning on its first outing Baz redesigned the chassis and rear suspension for racing. With a new chassis developed and a two car team, the team won the championship in 3 consecutive years. Baz Cannon - RPM performance

Back at base Baz was also responsible for the running of the world championship recce team. The ford escort cosworth having to be designed and developed to a very high standard for the likes of Carlos Sainz, Colin McRae, Juha Kankkunen and Francois Delecour. With the closure of Boreham and Ford taking all projects in house in Cumbria, Baz Cannon was tasked with turning the MG 25 into a super 1.6 junior rally car. Again with Gwyndaf at the wheel the car showed it had the potential to win straight out of the box. The story was not so good in the world championship, the car suffered with ongoing engine problems which in the end would be attributed to the car and the demise of the mg.

With GSE no longer being involved in rallying baz cannon moved to Cumbria to work with the world team. In charge of the transmission department he spent 12 month working on the development of the new Focus transmission systems. After 12 months away Baz returned to Essex where he opened RPM PERFORMANCE and has never looked back... or gfted so hard.